George Pappas is a poet, author, lyricist, and former journalist who lives in the Los Angeles area. ROBOT TROUBLES is his first work of science fiction and is based on a short story the author had written in his late teens. This is his tenth book as Pappas has also written and published indie novels MONOGAMY SUCKS, RELATIONSHIPS SUCK, DEAR HEF, YOUNG, HORNY & MORMON, SWINGING WITH THE SUPERNATURAL, LETTERS FROM CYBERSPACE, and the poetry collections BACKYARD POETRY, THE HOLLYWOOD HOMELESS and MIMI’S DILEMMA AND OTHER POEMS ABOUT SEX, WOMEN AND MODERN ROMANCE. Pappas is a lifelong resident of Southern California and has been writing poetry and stories since his early teens. When he’s not writing, Pappas enjoys traveling, music, reading his favorite authors, Charles Bukowski, Henry Miller, Anais Nin, Bret Easton Ellis, and James Baldwin, watching films, exploring life’s many adventures and pleasures, and living near the ocean.