2018: Another remarkable year of Indie Publishing with Return to My Science Fiction Roots


In my writing journey, 2018 may go down as the most pivotal yet in determining my future direction as an author.

It was another remarkable year of indie publishing for me highlighted by the launch of my first science fiction novella ROBOT TROUBLES in digital and paperback versions 38 years after I drafted the short story it was based on as a naive and mid-18-year-old. My book came out better than expected and inspired me to revive other writing from my youth that I will share in 2019, including my first short story collection, and another science fiction novella based on the first novel I had hand-written at 15. I can’t wait to publish them next year.

I truly feel I have returned to my writing roots and my first love of science fiction with the launch of ROBOT TROUBLES and my upcoming works. I have never felt as excited and as confident as a writer. As I have mentioned in previous posts, indie publishing brings me a freedom I have never had as an author. The sky is the limit for me now.

Mimi'sDilemma-cover Final

This year, I also brought two more poetry collections, MIMI’S DILEMMA and BODY PARTS, which is the second collection based on my song lyrics. I plan one more poetry collection based on my lyrics next year and possibly two more poetry collections tackling life during the Trump years and the downside of work life in the world of public relations.

BODY PARTS-digitalcover-FINAL

Just recently, I updated my upcoming books list for the next 5-10 years. I have scheduled 23-24 books over the next six years and I am shooting for launching 35 books overall in the next decade. I know it seems very ambitious, but I am determined to do it. Only time can stop me know.

I want to wish all of my fellow authors, poets, creative souls on Twitter and beyond a happy new year.

Check out my Amazon author site for more information about my recent books. Look here soon for more news about my upcoming books.